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Bridget’s methods offered me the option to look at things from a new angle and respond differently to create the reality that I wanted, instead of the one that kept repeating itself. 

- Kyra S., Innkeeper Goddess


I would not be where I am today without the guidance and support I received from Bridget.  Even after my very first session, I had clarity.  The idea that I get to decide what things mean to me was a very foreign concept initially.  I admit it was challenging at first to put the techniques Bridget taught me into practice, but after nearly three years, it comes to me almost with ease.  She has given me the ability to recognize and understand many of my self-destructive patterns and habits that were holding me back.  Not only was I unaware that I was doing these things, I certainly didn’t think it was possible to change my thoughts around them.  She introduced me to the energy of the universe and the power of my own thoughts.  I have many newfound skills thanks to Bridget, but one of the most powerful tools is the idea of the manifestation process.  It has been an exciting and incredible journey, and I will forever be thankful for having Bridget in my life.

- Elizabeth T., Marketing and Client Service Queen


If you are feeling the pull to change your life for the better, then I highly recommend building a relationship with Bridget. She has an innate talent for helping clients work through the stories we tell ourselves about the people and situations in our lives and realize that our thoughts are what create this reality. Bridget makes her clients feel seen and understood and, in a firm but loving way, leads them to understand that they have the ability to lead a life that feels good to them. Bridget provides actionable steps that really work and direction that feels productive and possible. Let her into your brain and I promise you will not regret it.

- Amanda F., PR Expert


I highly recommend Bridget as a life and career coach. Over the last 6 months, she has helped me reach new heights both professionally and personally. Bridget is a great listener, empathetic, and we connected on a very deep level. After every session with Bridget, I was able to have more clarity and navigate serious life challenges in a way that I felt in control and confident. I began my relationship with Bridget during a time when I had to make a very difficult career decision after 10 years of  success at my company. Bridget helped me deal with the emotional challenges of the day to day toxic environment, while giving me the tools to focus on helping me set myself up for the next chapter of my career. I was able to move from a place of fear and anxiety to a place of enthusiasm and happiness as I begin my new role! More importantly, the skills I have developed while working with Bridget are easily transferable to other aspects of my personal relationships and life in general. I have been more focused, have a better understanding of my priorities, and overall feel more relaxed and calm.

- Colleen L, Sales Master

I first met Bridget through a very good friend of mine in August of 2019 and we immediately connected.  However, it wasn’t until January of 2021 that we began our life coaching work together.  It is hard to put into words how much our work together has profoundly impacted my overall outlook on my life’s purpose and subsequently the approach that I take/have taken to several different aspects of my life which led to positive changes in my life.  For the past 25+ years, I have on and off worked with therapists to persevere through some great challenges I have faced throughout my life and I can confidently say that all the work I did in therapy only scratched the surface until my work with Bridget.  When I first started working with Bridget, I didn’t realize how unhappy I was in my life – current job, friend circle, relationship status, income status, family – and while this realization was not the easiest to come to grips with, I did not feel discouraged or sad but rather informed and excited of the possibilities to come.  Bridget worked with me to look at my life with a different lens and perspective than I ever had before and helped me to achieve an amazing clarity that I had been missing.  I’m proud to say that our work together has led to me achieving a level of happiness and satisfaction in my life that I never knew was possible & led to many positive changes in my life – new job, income, better relationship with my family & friends, significant other, the list goes on!  There is not a greater person to work with than Bridget and I’m so grateful to have met her when I did and for all she has helped me to achieve!

- Ashley M., Strategic Relationship Guru


Sometimes all it takes is someone to ask the right questions and dig for deeper meaning to gain clarity and direction in how to proceed in finding fulfilling work and determining where to concentrate your time and energy.  It sounds so simple and it is with the right person.  Bridget Cooper has a natural gift of digging into your thoughts and your heart’s desires.  I highly recommend, if you are searching and need help to determine your next step (career move, life change, etc.) then Bridget is your Coach!!! Call her, what do you have to lose!

- Karen K., Sports Marketing Genius

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